It is all about the time.

Tracking it...Managing it...Saving it.


Whether you are trying to track employee worked hours, non-worked hours or labor variances, PayTime offers the most advanced, user friendly systems available.

A complicated time and attendance system that increases the amount of work for the managerial, payroll and HR staff does not make sense. PayTime will help everyone involved in the process save time, so that they can work on the bottom line.

Our systems offer managers the ability to easily schedule their employees including an option for labor budgets and analysis. Managers can correct employee exceptions from a simple dashboard view. They can approve or deny employee time off, based on available balances and a calendar of employees already approved for time off. All these features are contained in an easy to use format that requires little training time, but saves the average manager many hours a week.

Through the use of Employee Self Service, employees are able to view their schedules, vacation balances and time cards. They have the ability to send messages to their supervisor from within the software. They can also request time off by picking the date on the calendar, choosing the number of hours they would like off and typing a note to their supervisor.

These systems have proven themselves to be real time savers.