Attendance Enterprise

Attendance Enterprise fits any size organization — you purchase the user accounts and number of employees your company needs. As your company grows, Attendance Enterprise scales to accommodate the size of your workforce. You can also add optional modules to help optimize your employee attendance.

Pay Rules

Attendance Enterprise parameter engine automatically handles even the most complex HR and pay policies. Parameter settings reflect your pay guidelines, attendance policies, and benefit policies. Your pay rules can include overtime, lunch and break periods, rounding, flex time, holiday pay, shift differentials, special premiums, call back pay, and so on. Best of all, parameter settings are easily changed whenever company policies or labor contracts change.

Time Card Maintenance

Maintaining time cards – particularly missing punches and absences – becomes a breeze utilizing the dashboard that highlights the exceptions that need to be addressed. No need to review every time card if only a couple have an issue that must be resolved for payroll.


Attendance Enterprise allows you to manage your employees smarter and more efficiently. Repeating schedules eliminates the need to enter repetitive schedules every week. Modify schedules only for the exceptions. Employees request time off electronically and before you approve the request you have at your fingertips who else is already scheduled off for the same period and how many employees you have scheduled during the period of the request. This allows you to make an informed decision as to whether to approve the time or not.

Unplanned Absences

At any time of the day you are able to see who is at work and who is absent. Then you can easily find a replacement from a list of employees who are not scheduled and are not currently working.

Attendance Behavior

The Points and Incidents module allows you to manage the employee attendance behaviors by assigning points for bad behavior and rewarding points for good behavior. The best part of this is that it removes the bias that may result in some points not being recorded for certain employees.

Paid Time Off/FMLA Tracking

Tracking Paid Time Off and FMLA couldn’t be easier. Just a click or two and you will know who is eligible for FMLA and how much time has been used – even if it has been intermittent FMLA leave over the past nine months or longer.

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Incidents and Points

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