PayTime offers two products; Attendance on Demand and Attendance Enterprise to assist you with your time and attendance needs. Attendance on Demand is cloud-based offered on a month-to-month basis, while Attendance Enterprise is purchased outright and resides on your company servers.

Both systems are full-featured and flexible. Each of these software products has the ability to apply your company policies and union contracts to produce accurate time records and assist with keeping your company FLSA compliant.

Both of these systems also have options for the calculation of accruals, on-line leave requests and a full featured Employee Service portal. These feature not only take the burden off the payroll department, but they empower the employees by giving them access to all of their time card data, archives, PTO balances and historical PTO usage as well.

Either of these systems can do everything you and more. The question is do you want the data on your server or in the cloud?

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