About Us

When PayTime was founded in 1997 as a time and attendance company, our core value was to provide the best products and services at a fair price. At that time, we worked with InfoTronics, the most innovative time management software available. As PayTime’s time and attendance client base grew, so did our reputation for handling difficult time-tracking issues while providing the best customer support in Kansas City.

In 2000, PayTime introduced our payroll service bureau. This allowed us to not only track employee time, but also to cut the checks, deposit taxes and handle all the payroll needs of our clients. Between 2000 and 2009, PayTime grew its payroll service of over 300 clients in every industry. As the economy changed, we made the tough decision to get out of payroll in 2010. We worked through most of 2011 assisting our clients in moving to other payroll providers.

Since 2012, PayTime is strictly a time and attendance company again, still working with InfoTronics. The time and attendance industry has changed quite a bit over the years, but InfoTronics still has the best products available and PayTime still provides the best service at a fair price.